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Welcome to TALTalks: Ignite Social Change Through Stories

Prepare to be inspired like never before! TALTalks is not just another conference; it's a revolution in the making. Join us for an unforgettable day filled with impactful keynote talks and heart-stirring narratives from the world's most transformative changemakers.

With a focus on Social Impact, Social Entrepreneurship, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), TALTalks provides the insights and tools you need to turn your passion into action. From compelling success stories to lessons learned from failures, our speakers will ignite your spirit and equip you with practical know-how.

Why Participate in the Event?

It is more than just an exchange of ideas. Inspire and Be Inspired is our guiding principle.


  • Gain valuable insights on advancing the SDGs.
  • Get inspired by changemakers to take social action.
  • Engage in direct, insightful conversations with speakers.
  • Build meaningful connections and social change networks.


  • Share your inspirational experiences and journey.
  • Showcase the impact of your innovative solutions for pressing social problems.
  • Build meaningful connections and social change networks.
  • Inspire social change and the advancement of SDGs.

SpeakersTALTalks 2023

  • Christopher Salem

    Christopher Salem
    Executive Coach
    CRS Group Holdings LLC

  • Tej Gundavelli

    Tej Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Touch-A-Life Foundation

  • Veena Gundavelli

    Veena Gundavelli

  • Denise Rehner

    Denise Rehner
    Co-Founder and President
    CureGRIN Foundation

  • Prasad Kaipa

    Prasad Kaipa
    CEO Advisor & Coach
    Kaipa Group

  • Kishore Gadiraju

    Kishore Gadiraju

  • Eudelia Contreras

    Eudelia Contreras
    Chief Executive Officer
    Full Circle of Lake County, Inc.

  • Dr. Ratnam Chitturi

    Dr. Ratnam Chitturi
    North South Foundation

  • Ruthe Farmer

    Ruthe Farmer
    Last Mile Education Fund

  • Susan Pappas

    Susan Pappas
    Ryan Pappas Memorial Foundation

  • Larry Sherwood

    Larry Sherwood
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)

  • Tim Hillmer

    Tim Hillmer
    Board Member
    New Horizons House International

  • Jeffery Mowery

    Jeffery Mowery
    President And Supervisor
    Hope Mountain Behavioral Health

  • Zuza Bohley

    Zuza Bohley
    AFC+A Education Director & Deputy Director
    Americas For Conservation

  • Toni Blake

    Toni Blake
    The Kindness Challenge

  • Jon Proctor

    Jon Proctor
    Paladin Rescue Alliance

  • Sosamma Samuel Burnett

    Sosamma Samuel Burnett
    Founder & President
    G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice

  • LaKeshia Hodge

    LaKeshia Hodge
    Founder & Executive Director
    Struggle of Love Foundation

  • Jack Briggs

    Jack Briggs
    President & CEO
    Springs Rescue Mission

  • Ranjani Saigal

    Ranjani Saigal
    Executive Director
    Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA

  • Lee Fox Beauregard

    Lee Fox Beauregard
    Fox Family Foundation

  • Naren Kini

    Naren Kini
    Heartfulness Institute

Our Speakers From Previous Events

Take a look at the star-studded list of speakers, panelists, and performers who headlined past TAL events.

  • Christopher Salem

    Christopher Salem
    Executive Coach
    CRS Group Holdings LLC

  • Monique Davis

    Monique Davis
    President & CEO
    Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

  • Ted Lempert

    Ted Lempert
    Children Now

  • Mark Waxman

    Mark Waxman
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Abby Ross

    Abby Ross
    Chief Executive Officer
    Network for Good

  • Sarah Carroll

    Sarah Carroll
    Grow Global

  • Fred M. Tovar, M.Ed.

    Fred M. Tovar, M.Ed.
    City Council Member
    City of Gilroy

  • Barry Rudolph

    Barry Rudolph
    Independent Director
    TALLeaders Circle CEO

  • Chike Nwoffiah

    Chike Nwoffiah
    Creative Ambassador, City of San José
    Founding Director, Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF)

  • Ranak Trivedi

    Ranak Trivedi
    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    Stanford University

  • Rafiq Dossani

    Rafiq Dossani
    Senior Economist
    RAND Corporation

  • Venktesh Shukla

    Venktesh Shukla
    President, Member of the Board & Trustee
    Foundation For Excellence

  • Tej Gundavelli

    Tej Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Touch-A-Life Foundation

  • Sai Gundavelli

    Sai Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Veena Gundavelli

    Veena Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Emagia Corporation

  • Milli Seth

    Milli Seth
    Co-Founder & President
    Saloni Heart Foundation

  • Himanshu Seth

    Himanshu Seth
    Co-Founder & Treasurer
    Saloni Heart Foundation

  • Roopa Sunku

    Roopa Sunku
    Sr.Director, HCM Fusion Development

  • Rani Mani

    Rani Mani
    Digital Media Customer Comms Lead

  • Dr. Nilima Sabharwal

    Dr. Nilima Sabharwal
    Founder & CEO
    Home of Hope

  • Reena Gupta

    Reena Gupta
    Founder & CEO
    Mom Relaunch

  • Rajiv Mehta

    Rajiv Mehta
    Founder & CEO
    Atlas of Care

  • Valerie Navarrete

    Valerie Navarrete
    Director of Education
    RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics

  • Ingemar Davidson

    Ingemar Davidson
    Kidney Academy

  • Tanvi Kothari

    Tanvi Kothari
    San Jose State University

  • Yulin Lee

    Yulin Lee
    Money, Wealth & Financial Coach
    Project M: Mind & Money

  • Ashish Mathur

    Ashish Mathur
    Co-Founder & Executive Director
    South Asian Heart Center

  • Zeenat Lakdawala

    Zeenat Lakdawala

  • Prasad Kaipa

    Prasad Kaipa
    Institute of Indic Wisdom

  • Alakh Verma

    Alakh Verma
    CEO, Centriqe AI

  • Kathleen King

    Kathleen King
    CEO, Healthier Kids Foundation

  • Vijji Suryadevara

    Vijji Suryadevara
    Entrepreneur & Tech Leader, Tonomus

  • Manuel Serapio

    Manuel Serapio
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver

  • Anu Basu

    Anu Basu
    Director Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship, San Jose State University

  • Mohit Kumar Tornala

    Mohit Kumar Tornala
    Technical Lead, Fiserv

  • Roger Royse

    Roger Royse
    Partner, Haynes Boone

  • Kiran Prabha

    Kiran Prabha
    Founder & Editor
    Web Magazine KOUMUDI

  • Jorden Woods

    Jorden Woods
    Founding Partner
    StarChain Ventures

  • Sanjana Chekuri

    Sanjana Chekuri

  • Esha Kode

    Esha Kode

  • Srini Madala

    Srini Madala
    Founder and CEO

  • Daphne Royse

    Daphne Royse
    Real Estate Associate & Radio Host
    Intero Real Estate Services & TALRadio English

  • Lakshmi Katyayani Dhulipala

    Lakshmi Katyayani Dhulipala
    Engineering Architect

  • Swetha Polamreddy

    Swetha Polamreddy
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Katana Graph

AgendaTALTalks 2023

Welcome to TALTalks 2023, a day filled with insightful discussions and engaging presentations from thought leaders and experts across various fields. The event will kick off at 10:00 AM with captivating keynotes delving into social impact stories.

Throughout the day, there will be opportunities to connect with fellow attendees, engage in interactive Q&A sessions after each talk, and explore innovative ideas at our booths. TALTalks 2023 promises to be an intellectually stimulating and inspiring event, sparking conversations that will shape the way we envision the future.

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Venue Details

10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

@ ACAD 2500, Student Commons, University of Colorado Denver, Auraria Campus, 1201 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80204