SpeakersTALTalks 2023

  • Christopher Salem

    Christopher Salem
    Executive Coach
    CRS Group Holdings LLC

  • Tej Gundavelli

    Tej Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Touch-A-Life Foundation

  • Veena Gundavelli

    Veena Gundavelli

  • Denise Rehner

    Denise Rehner
    Co-Founder and President
    CureGRIN Foundation

  • Prasad Kaipa

    Prasad Kaipa
    CEO Advisor & Coach
    Kaipa Group

  • Kishore Gadiraju

    Kishore Gadiraju

  • Eudelia Contreras

    Eudelia Contreras
    Chief Executive Officer
    Full Circle of Lake County, Inc.

  • Dr. Ratnam Chitturi

    Dr. Ratnam Chitturi
    North South Foundation

  • Ruthe Farmer

    Ruthe Farmer
    Last Mile Education Fund

  • Susan Pappas

    Susan Pappas
    Ryan Pappas Memorial Foundation

  • Larry Sherwood

    Larry Sherwood
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)

  • Tim Hillmer

    Tim Hillmer
    Board Member
    New Horizons House International

  • Jeffery Mowery

    Jeffery Mowery
    President And Supervisor
    Hope Mountain Behavioral Health

  • Zuza Bohley

    Zuza Bohley
    AFC+A Education Director & Deputy Director
    Americas For Conservation

  • Toni Blake

    Toni Blake
    The Kindness Challenge

  • Jon Proctor

    Jon Proctor
    Paladin Rescue Alliance

  • Sosamma Samuel Burnett

    Sosamma Samuel Burnett
    Founder & President
    G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice

  • LaKeshia Hodge

    LaKeshia Hodge
    Founder & Executive Director
    Struggle of Love Foundation

  • Jack Briggs

    Jack Briggs
    President & CEO
    Springs Rescue Mission

  • Ranjani Saigal

    Ranjani Saigal
    Executive Director
    Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA

  • Lee Fox Beauregard

    Lee Fox Beauregard
    Fox Family Foundation

  • Naren Kini

    Naren Kini
    Heartfulness Institute

Our Speakers From Previous Events

Take a look at the star-studded list of speakers, panelists, and performers who headlined past TAL events.

  • Christopher Salem

    Christopher Salem
    Executive Coach
    CRS Group Holdings LLC

  • Monique Davis

    Monique Davis
    President & CEO
    Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

  • Ted Lempert

    Ted Lempert
    Children Now

  • Mark Waxman

    Mark Waxman
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Abby Ross

    Abby Ross
    Chief Executive Officer
    Network for Good

  • Sarah Carroll

    Sarah Carroll
    Grow Global

  • Fred M. Tovar, M.Ed.

    Fred M. Tovar, M.Ed.
    City Council Member
    City of Gilroy

  • Barry Rudolph

    Barry Rudolph
    Independent Director
    TALLeaders Circle CEO

  • Chike Nwoffiah

    Chike Nwoffiah
    Creative Ambassador, City of San José
    Founding Director, Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF)

  • Ranak Trivedi

    Ranak Trivedi
    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    Stanford University

  • Rafiq Dossani

    Rafiq Dossani
    Senior Economist
    RAND Corporation

  • Venktesh Shukla

    Venktesh Shukla
    President, Member of the Board & Trustee
    Foundation For Excellence

  • Tej Gundavelli

    Tej Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Touch-A-Life Foundation

  • Sai Gundavelli

    Sai Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Solix Technologies, Inc.

  • Veena Gundavelli

    Veena Gundavelli
    Founder & CEO
    Emagia Corporation

  • Milli Seth

    Milli Seth
    Co-Founder & President
    Saloni Heart Foundation

  • Himanshu Seth

    Himanshu Seth
    Co-Founder & Treasurer
    Saloni Heart Foundation

  • Roopa Sunku

    Roopa Sunku
    Sr.Director, HCM Fusion Development

  • Rani Mani

    Rani Mani
    Digital Media Customer Comms Lead

  • Dr. Nilima Sabharwal

    Dr. Nilima Sabharwal
    Founder & CEO
    Home of Hope

  • Reena Gupta

    Reena Gupta
    Founder & CEO
    Mom Relaunch

  • Rajiv Mehta

    Rajiv Mehta
    Founder & CEO
    Atlas of Care

  • Valerie Navarrete

    Valerie Navarrete
    Director of Education
    RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics

  • Ingemar Davidson

    Ingemar Davidson
    Kidney Academy

  • Tanvi Kothari

    Tanvi Kothari
    San Jose State University

  • Yulin Lee

    Yulin Lee
    Money, Wealth & Financial Coach
    Project M: Mind & Money

  • Ashish Mathur

    Ashish Mathur
    Co-Founder & Executive Director
    South Asian Heart Center

  • Zeenat Lakdawala

    Zeenat Lakdawala

  • Prasad Kaipa

    Prasad Kaipa
    Institute of Indic Wisdom

  • Alakh Verma

    Alakh Verma
    CEO, Centriqe AI

  • Kathleen King

    Kathleen King
    CEO, Healthier Kids Foundation

  • Vijji Suryadevara

    Vijji Suryadevara
    Entrepreneur & Tech Leader, Tonomus

  • Manuel Serapio

    Manuel Serapio
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver

  • Anu Basu

    Anu Basu
    Director Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship, San Jose State University

  • Mohit Kumar Tornala

    Mohit Kumar Tornala
    Technical Lead, Fiserv

  • Roger Royse

    Roger Royse
    Partner, Haynes Boone

  • Kiran Prabha

    Kiran Prabha
    Founder & Editor
    Web Magazine KOUMUDI

  • Jorden Woods

    Jorden Woods
    Founding Partner
    StarChain Ventures

  • Sanjana Chekuri

    Sanjana Chekuri

  • Esha Kode

    Esha Kode

  • Srini Madala

    Srini Madala
    Founder and CEO

  • Daphne Royse

    Daphne Royse
    Real Estate Associate & Radio Host
    Intero Real Estate Services & TALRadio English

  • Lakshmi Katyayani Dhulipala

    Lakshmi Katyayani Dhulipala
    Engineering Architect

  • Swetha Polamreddy

    Swetha Polamreddy
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Katana Graph

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